Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Love You Too

I Love You Too
Year: 2010
Director: Daina Reid
Cast: Brendan Cowell, Peter Dinklage, Peter Helliar, Yvonne Strahovski, Bridie Carter, Megan Gale

In My Own Words
The lights come up and I am bursting with pride. Unless you live in Australia, chances are you have not heard of “I Love You Too” yet. This film is a highly anticipated Australian comedy and it definitely does not disappoint. It made me so proud to be an Australian and see such a great Australian film like this. What made me so happy about this film, is that many Australian films can often harp on the idea of what it means to be Australian and be very stereotypical, while this one is anything but. “I Love You Too” was just a great romantic comedy, but it wasn’t just about romance between a man and woman. It is also about the relationships between best friends, family and strangers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving this film a good review just because it is Australian, “I Love You Too” is a very good film no matter where it was made. Unfortunately I cannot find any evidence that “I Love You Too” will be released overseas as of yet. If it does, I encourage everyone to go and see it to see the cream of Australian comedy, or just to see a unique romantic comedy which doesn’t blend into the mould of the one falls in love with the criminal whitewash we seem to be experiencing at the moment.

There is also much fun to be had playing “Spot The Celebrity”. Although the majority of stars in this film are Australian, there are quite a few that non-Australians will also spot. For example, see if you can spot Rose Byrne, whom I wasn’t 100% sure about until I read the credits. Popular Australian comedians Hamish Blake and Angus Sampson also have cameos, although blink and you will miss Sampson.

These are my own words and here is my review.

Daina Reid’s film directorial debut, “I Love You Too” is a winner. It is a showcase of Australian comedy and acting talent in the best possible way. What makes this film so successful is that the story explores so much more than the typical romantic comedy as a result of an extremely clever script, great characters and some very real emotions. Jim (Brendan Cowell) has been dating Alice (Yvonne Strahovski) now for three and a half years, but has yet to say the L word. Fed up with Jim’s commitment phobia and his inability to grow up, Alice breaks up with him and decides to move back to London. Jim decides that he will do everything in his power to win Alice back, with some help from Charlie (Peter Dinklage) and very little help from his best friend, Blake (Peter Helliar).

“I Love You Too” is not only very funny, but very clever. The script is very well written by Peter Helliar, although it is a bit predictable. Like many romantic comedies, the conclusion is very predictable. The comedy itself can also be very predictable at times. There are some jokes and funny sequences that you are able to see coming a mile away. There are actually some very dramatic moments in the film as well, which makes the film extremely unique and unlike any other recently released comedy. There are underlying themes which will make the film a good life lesson for many people. One of the best aspects of this film is the character development. Each character is extremely unique and the audience feels like they know each character personally. The ensemble of actors work perfectly with each other and there is on-screen chemistry between each character in each relationship presented. Watching these characters on screen is extremely engaging and entertaining. Daina Reid’s directing is strong and the cinematography is also very strong.

Brendan Cowell here shows his acting versatility as a child in a grown man’s body. He does the role well, but sometimes fails to grasp the comedic nature of the role and is overshadowed by actors who specialise in comedy. Although Brendan Cowell is very good, it is Peter Dinklage who steals the show. He gives a fantastic heartfelt performance as the romantic widower. It is not often that an actor can give such an emotional performance in a comedy film, and witnessing such a beautiful performance here is a real treat. He wins the hearts of everyone in the audience and brings a tear to the eye in one amazing scene with Megan Gale. Gale also does very well in her role as a beautiful supermodel. Yvonne Strahovski is also gives a good performance remaining sweet and fragile throughout the film. Peter Helliar is very funny, but his performance is not anything different to other pieces of work that he has done. Helliar’s scriptwriting is actually stronger than his acting in this film.

There are not a great abundance of Australian romantic comedies like “I Love You Too”, which is more reason to see this film. Not just Australians will enjoy the humour in the film and people will be surprised at just how much emotion there really is in this film. Not one for surprise endings, but still a good watch.

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  1. It sounds cute! But 3+ years without an I love you? I would have been gone loonnnggg before that ;o)