Sunday, October 3, 2010

Michael Douglas

DOB: 25th September 1944
Place of Birth: New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Film Debut: “Cast A Giant Shadow” (1966) as a jeep driver

You may remember Michael from...
• Romancing The Stone
(1984) as the adventurous soul Jack Colton, the object of Kathleen Turner’s Joan’s attention.
Fatal Attraction (1987) as Dan Gallagher, the married man who commits adultery and makes a huge mistake by doing so.
Wall Street (1987) as the charismatic and unforgettable Gordon Gekko, perhaps one of the most memorable businessmen ever to grace the big screen.
Basic Instinct (1992) as Nick Curran, the detective who is investigating a murder in which a woman he is becoming further involved with may be responsible.

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